Canadian Manufacturer of High-Performance Air Compressors

DV Systems has been a pioneer in manufacturing high-performance, high-efficiency air technology solutions for over six decades. A Canadian company, they take immense pride in their expertise in designing, engineering, and manufacturing industrial air compressors since 1954. With a strong commitment to excellence, their objective is to deliver unparalleled customer service and provide reliable, innovative compressed air products, along with customized compressed air system solutions.

Service First’s Partnership with DV Systems

At Service First Ltd., we are committed to offering cutting-edge compressed air solutions that meet the unique demands of Vancouver Island industries. Our partnership with DV Systems allows us to deliver innovative, high-performance air technology that ensures reliability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The HDI Series – Heavy-Duty and Dependable

  • Engineered for heavy-duty, durable, and dependable performance
  • Designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments
  • Heavily weighted cast iron pumps and low rpm enhance heat dissipation
  • Up to a 75% duty cycle for prolonged operation
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty for added peace of mind

The SDI Series – Simple, Strong, and Economical

  • Ideal for light industrial, commercial, and professional applications
  • Features splash-lubricated, cast-iron pumps for high air delivery at low speeds
  • Performs reliably with low wear and downtime

Contact us to explore customized solutions tailored to your specific compressed air requirements!