The Evolution of Service First Ltd.

From Modest Beginnings

Service First was founded in 1994 by Rick and Cathy van Adrichem, experienced professionals in industrial machine repair and maintenance and mechanical and window system product design. Starting from a modest 600-square-foot shop, the company primarily served the window manufacturing industry.

In January 2001, Service First Ltd. established its head office in Sidney, BC, and gradually expanded its customer base to encompass various manufacturing sectors such as cabinetry, countertops, cement plants, food production, government, breweries, ship building, electronics, plastics, orthotics, and more. Additionally, we extended our services to include colleges, hospitals, dental practices, service stations, auto body shops, fish farms, newsprint, food processing facilities, and analytical laboratories.

Becoming a Master Distributor

Over the years, Service First evolved and became a crucial player in water infiltration testing for window installations. In 2005, the company entered into a partnership with a firm in China, giving birth to Panda Machinery, our own line of window manufacturing equipment. We also became a master distributor for Kaeser Compressor Canada Inc., offering energy-efficient rotary screw compressors, air dryers, and compressed air filtration systems.

In 2008, Service First became a sales and service depot for piston compressors manufactured by DV Systems and added TigerStop LLC™ to our product line for lineal optimization. We expanded their capabilities to provide full plant installations, thanks to their design expertise and comprehensive array of equipment. Continuing to diversify, Service First started selling Graco® products in 2008, including sealant and adhesive equipment. The company developed an extensive inventory of consumable products and excelled in sourcing or manufacturing rare or special-order parts for our customers.

Continuing Growth and Dedication to Excellence

After the ownership of Service First transferred to Paul van Adrichem in 2018 there have been continuous improvements in the company, partnering with a number of global manufacturers. Today we continue to grow and expand, strive to design and improve, and offer innovative solutions while providing first class service!

Meet the Owner

Paul van Adrichem


Hello, I’m Paul van Adrichem, the proud owner of Service First Ltd. With more than 20 years of experience in air compression, I’ve dedicated my career to supplying the industry best, most efficient compressed air technology.

At Service First, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. Understanding our clients’ challenges and goals is crucial to delivering the right solutions. From manufacturing to automotive and construction, we cater to a diverse range of industries with precision and dedication.

I graduated the Camosun College Civil Engineering program in 2002 and have completed the compressed Air Challenge 1 & 2 program. This education, with a combination of experience and factory training, has provided us the ability to provide some of the best compressor room
designs and installations.

I invite you to join us at Service First Ltd. on our journey to a more sustainable and efficient future. Together, we can make a positive impact on businesses, communities, and the environment.

Meet the Team

Eric White


Debbie Barcellona


Conrad Newell


Paul Sommerville


Ryan Crites


Michael Perkin


Mike Watteyne