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Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaeser’s rotary screw industrial air compressors are available from 3 to 600 hp with capacities from 9 to 3044 cfm, and pressures up to 217 psig. All units are fully packaged, ready for operation. With sound levels as low as 61 dB(A), our compressors offer the best in quiet operation, energy efficiency, and reliability.

Designed for Maximum Reliability

In every machine Kaeser builds you’ll find many features to enhance reliability and simplify maintenance, from the heavy gauge steel frame with double vibration isolation to the quick fluid change feature. Our airends are built to stand up to many years of tough service. TEFC motors are standard and we use pipe instead of lower cost tubing. Our air compressors have a well-planned cabinet design and component layout to reduce noise and footprint and provide easier access during preventive maintenance. The list goes on and on. Our customers expect excellence and we make it happen.

Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

CSG-2, DSG-2, and FSG-2 Series 2-Stage, Oil-free Rotary Screw Compressors

Capacities from: 192 to 1774 cfm

Pressures from: 45 to 145 psig

The new dimension in oil-free compression

With logical component layout and exceptional attention to detail, Kaeser’s 2-stage oil-free rotary screw compressors were designed specifically with the user in mind. Kaeser’s renowned quality offers peace of mind and built for a lifetimeTM reliability.


Master controller

The Sigma Air Manager 4.0 compressed air management system monitors and controls all components within the compressed air supply system to achieve maximum cost savings.

Improved pressure values and automatic matching of delivery according to fluctuating demand

Continuous fine-tuning of system performance to ensure optimized energy efficiency

Predictive Maintenance by Kaeser specialists prevents unplanned downtime.


Kaeser’s Omega rotary lobe blowers are available in standard or customized blower packages with high-efficiency motors, v-belt drives, silencers and inlet filters. Sound enclosures reduce noise levels up to 20 dB(A). Integrated blower packages include additional features such as an integral frequency drive and Kaeser Start Control.

Portable Compressors

Capacities:  50 to 1200 cfm

Standard pressures: 100 to 145 psig

Selected models with pressures to 205 psig

Kaeser’s Mobilair line of portable air compressors are designed and built for rugged use and dependable performance.  These portable air compressors provide a reliable source of compressed air for construction sites and other industry applications such as demolition, sand blasting, sprinkler irrigation and monument engraving. A wide range of tow behind air compressor models and accessories are available to suit virtually any need.

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